Stock broking activities which started more than 125 years ago in India have undergone a radically transformation over a period of time and now its penetration is fast increasing in all sections of our society. The introduction of NSE’s online trading changed the way stock broking was being done in India and we moved from the open cry system to a computerized online trading system. NSE is the country’s premier stock exchange and commands the highest combined turnover (Cash and Derivatives) in the country.

Tracom has carved a niche presence for itself in Cash and F&O segment at NSE and has specialized in serving retail client and small investors need. The company has been incessantly fostering decision making for investors, risk managers and speculators alike. Tracom offers personalized advisory services to HNI investors and actively assists them in managing their portfolio. Our experienced team, in-depth analysis and customized products and services give us an immense advantage in assisting clients to generate wealth on a longer and consistent basis.